: I AM The SEED of LOVE :

I intend and aspire to deepen my practice of exploring, experiencing, and expressing Love.  
I commit to providing an Oasis that accelerates Soul Shine and Heart Bloom.  
As a result, I create a sustainable environment for all, one that supports connection to Love and ignites that Love in others.

I am a Seedling!

Mission:  We are cultivating an evolution in our community by engaging in a collaborative and creative process, which has spirituality, creativity and flow as its core values. We commit to the experience of connecting to ourselves and to each other with the highest  integrity. We welcome the opportunities for each of us to teach, learn and evolve while we create a camp structure that will take us to Burning Man and Beyond.

Total Personal Responsibility :: Honoring Personal Freedom 
Honest Transparent Communication
Radical Gratitude :: Recognition OF Self IN Others
Operating with Loving Kindness :: Openness in Receiving and Giving
Meeting Fear with the Support of Love :: Courageous Transformation
Respecting Group Flow :: Full Authentic Expression
Outrageous Celebration of Joy :: Compassionate Familial Love
Creative Collaboration :: Abundant Elegance

CONTACT : Una Paradox